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Bershka is in touch with the spirit of the moment. A young person’s fashion brand built on the thriving and fast-changing nature of contemporary culture, Bershka’s collections are as diverse as the people they decorate.

Bershka’s creative teams use street fashion, art and music to produce their iconic collections. Perfect for adventurous young people who deviate from the status quo, the brand’s instantly recognisable prints and colour combinations set its customers apart from the crowd. Take all the attention with daring studded sandals, or bring out your retro side with a denim blazer – either way, Bershka allows you to express your own individuality.

As part of the Inditex Group, Bershka sits alongside Zara at the forefront of fashion design for young people. The brand now has stores across the world, and since it first arrived in Saudi Arabia in 2005, it has become an integral part of the style scene in the state. Find out more at


Number of Stores

Saudi Arabia 27 stores
Azerbaijan 2 stores
Georgia 1 store
Armenia 1 store

Country Number of Stores
Saudi Arabia 32
Armenia 2
Azerbaijan 3
Georgia 2
Total Stores 39