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From sophisticated evening wear to casual clothing for days in the sunshine, the Monsoon range is drawn together by the brand’s fresh, feminine identity. Monsoon’s soft fabric, elegant colour combinations and exotic designs are perfect for women or children who want to stand out for all the right reasons.

Sourced from the Far East, the Monsoon collection is refreshingly cosmopolitan but with a folk influence. With a global presence and a myriad of stores in locations as diverse as Saudi Arabia and Armenia, women from around the world can elevate their look with Monsoon garments.

A wide range of collections are available, for women and children. The ‘Holiday and Beach’ range includes shorts, dresses and footwear that is perfect for the summer, while new job nerves can be dispelled by the ‘Workwear’ selection, from which you can mix and match chic jackets and tapered trousers.

Browse the entire Monsoon collection by visiting, and choose brand new outfits for you and your children at stores across the Middle East.

Country Number of Stores
Armenia 2
Kazakhstan 7
Egypt 18
Jordan 4
Morocco 2
United States of America 11
Serbia 4
Total Stores 48