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In what market and under which symbol are Fawaz A. Alhokair & Co shares traded?

Traded in Saudi Arabia under: Fawaz Abdulaziz Alhokair Company
(Symbol: 4240).

When was Fawaz A. Alhokair & Co incorporated and when was it listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange?

Fawaz A. Alhokair & Co was registered as a partnership in 1990, then incorporated as Joint Stock Co in 2006 and listed on Saudi Stock Exchange in 2006.

Whom should I contact regarding my share certificates?

Please contact: Mr Haroon Al Motairi, Tel: +9611-435-0000 Ext: 333 or by emailing on haroon@alhokair.com.sa

How do I get a copy of Fawaz A. Alhokair & Co Financial Statements?

You can download a copy directly from our website.
Please visit our Financial Reports page.

How do I contact Fawaz A. Alhokair & Co Investor Relations?

Please contact: Mr Omran Radi Aloafi, Tel: +9661-435-0000 Ext: 236. or by emailing on alofi@alhokair.com.sa

What markets does Fawaz A. Alhokair & Co operate in?

Alhokair Fashion Retail operates in sixteen countries globally: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Egypt, Georgia, Jordan, Iraq (Erbil), Kazakhstan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, United Kingdom and the USA.

What is the total number of employees at Fawaz A. Alhokair & Co?

Country Total Number of Employees
Saudi Arabia   6879
Armenia     490
Azerbaijan     436
Georgia     656
Kazakhstan     707
Jordan     585
Egypt     628
Morocco     230
USA     632
Spain  1,225
Portugal      92
Serbia     260
Montenegro       23
Macedonia       23
Bosnia        6
Total 12,872

What does the Fawaz A. Alhokair & Co retail platform look like?

Country Total Number of Stores m2
Saudi Arabia  1424  377,832
Armenia  38  16,473
Azerbaijan  31  13,614
Bosnia  1  105
Georgia  42  17,524
Kazakhstan  75  22,987
Jordan  81  17,494
Egypt  92  16,395
Morocco  28  5,158
USA  53  16,947
Spain  122  35,831
Portugal  9  3,252
Serbia  38  4,823
Montenegro  3  295
Macedonia  4  592
United Kingdom  9  162
Iraq  7  1,101
Suite Blanco Franchise Stores  35
Total  2083

What is Fawaz A. Alhokair & Co policy on Corporate Governance?

The company always strives to achieve the best Corporate Governance practices, and it has employed world-leading consultants to achieve this objective. Visit our web page www.fawazalhokairfashion.com/corporate-governance/ for our Corporate Governance policies.

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*Figures correct as at 31st March 2015