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Offering everything you need to furnish and decorate your residence, Zara Home is an invaluable companion to discerning men and women in houses across the globe.

Showing the stylish awareness that typifies its sister fashion label, Zara and Zara Home’s stores provide textile collections, dishware, cutlery, glassware and decorative accents – all in touch with the latest trends.

Interior design inspiration is offered to customers who visit Zara Home stores, through themed display environments. Customers can browse Contemporary, Classic, Ethnic and White displays to help them decide on a new style for their bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, or entire home.

Collections are prepared by the brand’s style-conscious teams, and they are regularly updated to reflect the fashion of the moment. Since it was founded in 2003, Zara Home has expanded rapidly and its stores now cover more than 30 different countries.

You can find out more about the brand at, or visit one of the chic stores, now present in Saudi Arabia, to give your home an up-to-the-minute makeover.

Country Number of Stores
Saudi Arabia 8
Georgia 1
Armenia 1
Total Stores 10