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SIX identifies current trends and stylistic quirks in the fashion industry, and uses them to produce unique and flattering accessories. With separate ranges for men and women, and an increasingly expansive collection, simply visiting a SIX store opens up an entire world of style opportunities.

The SIX collections are constantly being updated to reflect the moods and trends of the time. Hair jewellery is always popular, and SIX has designs to suit all kinds of different hairstyles. Also available are rings, earrings, cosmetics and watches, with the textile accessories range including a wide variety of scarves.

All SIX stores follow the same creative and convenient concept, making them both attractive and easy to navigate. Positioned in front of a shimmering grey background, the SIX merchandise is presented on bright white podiums to give the effect of an exclusive jeweller’s store, but without the price tags to match.

SIX now has stores in a diverse range of locations – from Europe to the Middle East. To find out more, visit

Country Number of Stores
Saudi Arabia 6