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A Portuguese Jeanswear brand with plenty of flair, Salsa has been developing innovative clothing to fit the needs of self-assured, independent men and women for the past 15 years. The brand’s motto is: ‘To be your second skin, giving you the confident and sensual look to conquer the world,’ and it’s the brand of choice for the trend-setters of the future.

Salsa’s jeans are now sold in more than 35 different countries, and the brand continues to expand at a rapid rate, with stores now present in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Salsa’s collections include carefully fitted ranges for men and women, and tops, shoes and belts can also be chosen to add to the look.

In keeping with the brand’s flamboyant name, Salsa’s jeans are as suited to nights spent dancing through the bars of Lisbon, as they are to casual days in the park or on the high street.

You can find Salsa’s stores in Morocco, and other locations in the Middle East. For more information on the figure-hugging brand, visit

Country Number of Stores
Morocco 1