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New Look is about fashion excitement, newness and value. With a keen eye for the latest trends and a multiple-award-winning design team, the brand has quickly become the UK’s number one womenswear and accessories retailer. And with new mens and teen sections, there’s a brand new style in a New Look store for everyone.

New Look’s clothing, footwear and accessories are always exciting, and designed to deliver ‘Wow! Look what I’ve just found’ moments to customers. Breaking free from convention while keeping to the trends of the moment is a tough order, but New Look’s collections retain a quirkiness and charm that makes them irresistible.

Value is important at New Look, and the brand delivers premium garments at great prices, so you can get the newest looks, for less.  There are now more than one thousand New Look stores in countries across the world, and women, men and children with a taste for fashion can now visit the brand’s boutiques in the Middle East.

Learn about the styles of the moment by visiting, where you can view individual items, full collections, and trailblazing trends.

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Armenia 2