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Celebrated for their trend setting nail polish collections, Models Own has become one of Europe’s fastest growing cosmetic brands.

Established in 2008, Models Own has achieved a fanatical following with nearly 500,000 followers across social networks sharing the brand’s passion to innovate and experiment.

Doing things differently is the Models Own way and this is evident in the company’s retail outlets – or ‘Bottleshops’ as they like to call them! Shaped like a giant nail polish bottle, Bottleshops have become a must-visit feature in the UK’s premiere shopping malls.

Having established a firm foundation as the leading fashion nail polish brand, Models Own is now extending it’s range to encompass the entire cosmetic spectrum offering fans the same ethos of vivid colour and experimentation.

The brands recent acquisition by Fawaz A Alhokair will propel Models Own across the globe with exciting expansion plans taking innovative colour cosmetics to even more fashion conscious consumers.

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Country Number of Stores
United Kingdom 2
Saudi Arabia 14
Azerbaijan 1
Total Stores 17