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Twenty-five years ago, two young people made a life-changing decision. Yılmaz Yılmaz, a naval officer, and his wife Gülden, a teacher, decided to invest in something completely unfamiliar to them: the textile sector. During the summer of 1988, they opened a shop in Kuzguncuk, a small, picturesque neighbourhood on the Asian side of Istanbul. The shop was a mere 25 metres square, fitted out with shelving taken from a nearby shop that was being renovated. Today, the Koton brand has 220,000 square metres of shop floor area in 310 stores found in 24 countries across the world.

The secret of Koton’s success, its customer-centred approach, became apparent during those early days and remains key to the brand’s appeal. This approach helped the couple to understand what their audience needed: democratic fashion with a good price-quality ratio, presented in a relaxed, spacious environment.

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